Case Story - The Storm and the Unresponsive Door Opener

Case Story - The Storm and the Unresponsive Door Opener

Door openers come in various shapes and sized and are required to open the garage door remotely.

Door openers are a real comfort for the users as they provide them the ability to open the doors of their garages without having to get out of their cars. Issues with door openers can’t be ignored because they render the door useless. Our company was once called in by a customer to inspect his Liftmaster garage door opener which was not responding to his commands. It was a very stormy day and the customer was adamant that we must come to him immediately as he was locked outside the garage and did not want to leave his car outside in that weather.

Seeing that the customer was in desperate need of our help, we quickly dispatched a team to his address. The team reached the location quite early despite the treacherous conditions. It was hard to see around in the storm but our technicians who were prepared for such a situation took up the challenge and began their inspection of the customer’s garage door parts. It was not long before they were able to confirm that the issue was with the door opener which was not working as it was supposed to. Checking the door opener further revealed that it had been affected by the rain that was falling down. 

Luckily, the team had the equipment available to them for repairing the door opener

They were able to get everything fixed in a short period of time. However, there was still the issue that rain might sneak into the door opener again. To combat it, our team came up with the idea to waterproof the door opener. This task was completed pretty quickly too, to the satisfaction of our customer.

Once the repair work was completed, our team began testing the door. This was done to make sure that the waterproofing had been done in the right manner and that the door opener was responding to the commands as it was before. Everything worked fine and the door was opening and closing as it was supposed to. Finally, the customer was able to get his car into the garage. He thanked us for our extreme professionalism, efficient garage door service and the quickness with which our technicians performed the job.

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