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Why are there different types of doors?

Each garage door serves the needs of different properties. Their main difference is the way they open. Not all properties have the same space. Some houses have space for swing doors that open outwards. Others just enough space in the ceiling for overhead doors and others no space at all. In this case, people get roll-ups.

What do I do if the extension springs are not the perfect size?

If the extension garage door springs are a bit too small or large, just adjust the cables. If the springs are too large, you want to tighten the garage door cable and so you must move the S-hook farther towards the backside. If they're small, move the hook towards the door.

Can I change the speed of my garage door?

You can change the speed of your garage door as long as it's not one-piece doors, which are pre-set and cannot be changed. Sectional doors can be set in low, medium or high speed from the opener unit. Our technicians can help you.

Can you control a garage door opener using a smartphone?

Yes, it is possible to control garage door openers using smartphones. However, it is not as easy as simply installing a remote control app for the specific door opener. Additional accessories will be needed. Chamberlain, for instance, offers a door-mounted accessory and app that enable control over the door opener via the Internet.

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