Choosing the right opener for you

Choosing the right opener for you

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Finding the right electric garage door opener really isn’t about aesthetics, what looks good in your garage or what matches your door. There are many factors to consider, such as the weight of your door, and how often it will be used. Don’t worry about this though. If you make use of our reputable garage door company, our trained staff will be knowledgeable enough to assist you in making the right choice. There are 3 main types of openers out there. Carry on reading to find out the pros and cons of each one to assist you in making your decision.Choosing the right opener for you

Chain drive openers

This is the most common type of residential opener and is used in most homes. The name basically describes how it works. A metal chain is pushed or pulled to open or close the door, it’s as simple as that! This type of opener is extremely durable and is also affordable. It does however make quite a bit of noise and is best suited for detached garages, or for garages that are not next to any bedrooms. There are new models that have chain separators. They assist in stopping the chain from hitting the track, which in turn decreases the amount of noise.

Screw drive openers

Again, the name is quite self-explanatory. These openers use long screw-like rods to operate the garage door. Because it doesn’t have that many moving parts, it can be seen as a more reliable option. Most of these screw drive openers are quieter than their chain drive counterparts, but they do still emit some noise. Also, some of the newer models actually allow your door to execute a cycle faster than any other type of opener. However, the type of material that your door is made of needs to be taken into consideration. A solid wooden door is quite heavy and will wear down the mechanism much quicker than a steel door would. It is also important to note that even though this type of opener has fewer parts, the components that it does have needs to be regularly maintained to ensure its longevity. This includes lubricating the moving parts every couple of months.

Belt-drive openers

These openers make use of a rubber belt and a cog to move the garage door. Because there are no metal components involved, it is the quietest option of the three. Something to be mindful of, however, is the current of these openers. If the opener has an alternating current belt, it starts and stops at full power and the door’s movements may be somewhat jerky and even a bit noisy. However, if the door has a direct current, it will offer a softer start and stop, which is much quieter. This will also assist in reducing the wear and tear of the belt.

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