All About Automated Garage Doors

All About Automated Garage Doors

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Do you still have a manual garage door at home?

Do you want to experience the convenience of having an automated one; especially during rainy or winter seasons wherein you don’t have to get out of the car just to open your garage? When you switch and replace your door, you can keep yourself from getting wet, dirty, and probably sick.

All About Automated Garage DoorsIf you want to purchase one, you will find a handful of choices in style. There are vertical and horizontal styles. The one that is commonly used is the horizontal style. It runs on a chain track and the entranceway is pulled up and held by a steel track so it will not fall. The width of each panel ranges from 8 to 15 inches.
Another popular style is the top-to-bottom automatic garage doors that work by sliding from top to bottom. These are available in different designs and colors but you may want to check the garage door prices to see if it fits your budget. 

It is important to select a system that has hand-held remote control units. Most of the manufactured new models include two remote controls that allow the door to open and close even when you are inside the car. These pocket-sized controls are battery-operated and capable in operating at a distance between 50-60 feet. It also allows you to turn on the lights in your garage.

You must remember that since it is automated, it needs power supply. Make sure that there is a manual open and close override if ever there is a power interruption. It is also good if you have a power source back up. Do not attempt to install it on your own. You can contact us to do the job professionally.

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